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Illuminati 2G caught up with Epic for a interview. We discuss his new album coming soon, his mixtape grind and his thoughts on the west coast so check it out.
Illuminati 2G is here with Epic how's it going?

Man everything is good I cant complain. Things been a little hectic these past couple months workin on so many diff projects and tryna take my career to the next level but its nuthin I cant handle.

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in hip hop and some of your musical influences out there.

I actually started off rappin in a group that me and a couple friends started our freshmen year in high school. And bein in that group I learned the basics of writing lyrics in bars and structuring songs and all that. Unfortunatly we all went our separate ways after high school but fortunately that's what really got my buzz and momentum going because I was now able to do what I wanted with my career and actually execute the visions I had without any disagreements or other group members.

As far as influences, the first time I really realized I loved this rap stuff I was real young. I'd say about 5 or 6. It was when Kris Kross came out. I used to turn my clothes backwards and grab the remote and pretend to be the third member of the group lol. But I knew I wanted to rap when Mase came out in 97. I'd say he was the biggest influence in my career so far and even til this day his "Harlem World" album is still in my regular rotation of cds.

What details can you give about your upcoming album and do you have any plans to drop another mixtape before the album comes out?

The album is titled "Ready Or Not". Its 11 tracks deep, straight musicfrom beginning to end with no skits. My boy TMG who's the dopest newcomer in my opinion to the producing game actually produced every track on it. The whole reason I decided to do this album was to have a project that was all original that showcased my talent because I got tired of going into these meetings with label reps and presenting a mixtape cause I always got the same reaction which was "its hot but we need to hear more original tracks less industry beats". And not only that I've already released 2 mixtapes which were successful so it only seemed right to do a album.

I'll be hosting a mixtape called "Sidewalk Radio" which is a dope series by boy DJ Raze One who's one of the hottest west coast mixtape DJ's out. That gonna drop probably a week or so before the album and my next mixtape will be comin sometime in the summer.

What is the music scene looking like these days in the Island Empire where you are from?

It's growing, there's a lot of young talent out here that hopefully will help put us on the map like LA and the bay area are. I just feel like it's a lotta egos that get in the way of unity the way it should be but like I said it's growing.

You won artist of the year at the hip hop awards there in the I.E., since then what would you say winning that award has done for you musically as far as opening doors or exposure wise?

That award was a blessing. Its givin me a lot of momentum and recognition from everybody. I was just grateful cause I worked so hard on my career up into that point just grindin out in the streets sellin mixtapes, doin shows and tours, networking and all that and it just felt good to be recognized my region and community. Not to mention, at the time I was only 19, I'm 20 now and I just feel like I'm just getting started.

What are your thoughts on the state of hip hop on the west coast?

I'm a big fan. Always have been and its good to see so many artists out here makin good music.

What is some music that you are currently bumping right now?

I like a lot of the new west coast artist as well as the Ogs. I just got that new Ya Boy mixtape its pretty dope. My favorite mixtape rightnow is that new Ab-Sol I think that's easily gonna be the mixtape of the year. Besides that of course I listen to all that classics regularly for inspiration like the "Chronic", "Slim Shady LP", "Get Rich Or Die Trying", Like I said earlier "Harlem World" by Mase. I listen to all Wayne's stuff of course too. I don't know I'm just I fan I like a lot of stuff. Kanye, Andre 3000, Jay-Z just to name a few.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates you want to let the people know about?

Right now I'm focused on releasing this album and continuing makin hot music. I got the first single on the album called "Sexy". Were gonna start promotion on that next week so look out for that on local radio stations!

What is your website or myspace info for people wanting to check out your music? for booking and that you can email

Appreciate the interview man. Any last words or shout outs?

Yeah thanks for all the support I do appreciate it! Shout out to DJ Raze One,, and TMG. They do a lot for me and my career so I definitely gotta shout them. And shout out to everybody who supports me. Shout out to the haters, I am going to continue to keep yall busy wit the hate!

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