Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Come Up World Takeover Trailer #2

Check out the homies over at The Come Up TV and be on the look for my feature soon!

The Come Up World Takeover Trailer #2 from The Come Up on Vimeo.

The Come Up Tv, Brought to you by Mateo Berry & Justin Hudson presents "World Takeover" trailer #2 featuring cameos such as Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Travis & Gym Glass Heroes, LAX Paperboys, Dom Kennedy, Tyga, Big Sean, Dj Sean G, Rick is Good, Laila V, IBN Jasper, Melloe Won, Brooklyn Projects, Micheal Lau, EPIC, Sean Sloan, and many more.... The Come Up covers lifestyle of music, skate, art, streetwear & fashion cultures from musicians, lines, designers, artists, and skaters on "the come up" to the celebrities who have made it. Solely to inspire people to get up and do something with their lives. Stay tuned for more videos, look out for Vol. 3 and follow for episodes and features.

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